Health & Safety Policy

At Inyosi Projects, we consider our motivated employees to be our most valuable asset. Accordingly, we undertake to:

  • Safeguard them as far as is reasonably possible from injury or damage to health.
  • Compile, implement and communicate integrated business management systems to ensure compliance with statutory & company regulations in the field of:
    • Safety & Health management
    • Environmental management
    • Quality management

The company’s obligation is to provide the opportunity for training and progressive awareness of the SHEQ management systems and associated regulations.
Our employees’ obligations are to be aware of and comply with the above management systems and associated regulations.
Both Inyosi Projects and the employees commit to continuously find ways of improving the overall business management systems.

We integrate our Safety & Health Policy at all levels. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and continuously strive to improve and upgrade our quality standards to meet the international quality requirement through efficient and effective production methodologies. We also take adequate care in protecting our environment and emphasize on creating strong awareness among our employees through training and motivation.

We routinely carry out all quality procedures right from initial project mobilization to final delivery.

Environmental Policy

Inyosi Projects maintains an environmental management system that ensures conformity with national statutory legal and other environmental requirements. We will plan, manage and deliver the required environmental aspects.

The fundamental concepts underlying the Environmental Management Policies of Inyosi Projects are:

  • Conformance and operation in accordance with ISO 14001, which ensures that environmental requirements are consistently met;
  • Setting and reviewing company’s environmental objectives and targets, legal compliance and other requirements ensuring continued business growth and improvement;
  • Communication, training and development of employees in order to develop awareness of all company environmental legal and other requirements and meet the company’s environmental objectives and targets;
  • Ongoing development of the corporate culture of an environmental friendly way of life that incorporates constant problem solving and continuous improvement, encouraging all employees to take total pride in, and responsibility for, their work and the development of better working practices;
  • Plan and execute work in such a way the adverse effects on the environment from possible pollution and wastage are avoided.

Quality Policy

Inyosi Projects is;

  • committed to supplying products and services of consistent quality that conform fully with company and statutory requirements and in meeting our customer’s documented and implied expectations in terms of technical, budget and time compliance;
  • dedicated to the continual review, development and improvement of all aspects of its business, in particular;
    • The development and improvement of our company’s products and services in line with customers’ needs and expectations;
    • The development of an efficient and effective Quality Management System based upon ISO 9001:2008 and generally accepted best practices in the management of technology and projects, a system which not only ensures that product and service quality are consistent, but also helps to ensure minimal wastage in all our processes;
    • The evaluation, training and development of our employees in order to meet the company’s objectives;
    • The ongoing development of the corporate culture that incorporates constant problem solving and continuous improvement, encouraging all employees to take total pride in, and responsibility for, their work and the development of better working practices;
    • Establishing and reviewing quality objectives for all levels that are realistic, achievable and measurable taking into account preventive action for outside influences that could prevent the achievement of the objectives;
  • Management will communicate this policy to all employees and staff in such a way that it is properly understood.

Risk Management

Our company is committed to embedding risk management practices within the business to support the achievement of objectives and fulfil corporate governance obligations.

Key principles underpinning Inyosi Projects policy on risk management are:

  • Consistent culture, process and capability for effectively managing risks across our company is maintained;
  • Enterprise risk management is integrated into business activities and decision making;
  • Accountabilities for risk management are defined and understood;
  • Effective management of all aspects of risk, consistent with the nature of work and scale of risk, is demonstrated;
  • Management systems incorporating risk meet our customers’ requirements;
  • Risks are escalated using the Inyosi Projects Risk Assessment Guide;
  • Accurate and timely risk information is reported and shared with our customers;
  • To capture lessons learned and promote continuous improvement;
  • Corporate governance regulations and obligations in relation to risk management are met through the active participation and commitment of all Inyosi Projects employees.

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